Curatorial Projects of Students in AP Art History at Arlington High School


Projects listed below were created in June, 2016.

Students have developed their own topics, and are happy to consider your comments or questions! (Just click on the little dialogue symbol at the top of the page to add your comment.)

To the left, you will find many more from previous years. Enjoy!

Album Covers

Art in the sixties

Building Steven's Universe

Comic Books and how they provide commentary on society

Effects of Synesthesia on Art

Goya and political art


I Pad Art

I Repeat

If Picasso Can Do it...So Can You

Muses of Leonardo Da Vinci

Picasso and Stravinsky

Skin Deep

Sound Sculpture

The Earth Without Art is just Eh

The Evolution of Chinese Funerary Practices

The evolution of pigments

The evolution of self portraiture

The Impact of Impasto

The Perfect Heist

To Serve the People