Francisco de Goya's pieces and Picasso's Guernica influenced the world in a big way. Without these political artworks people wouldn't have known the struggle that others had went through in times of war and revolution. Francisco de Goya had a great way of portraying what happened to those who were persecuted in these times, and he influenced the world with his deep and horrific pieces. Goya did a piece about the french revolution where spaniards were being massacred by the french. He showed their suffering and their innocence with the guy in the white shirt and his sad expression. He shows the brutality of what the French had done to the Spaniards by placing dead figures by the feat of their friends and family members. Not many people cared about the spaniards until Goya had made this piece and publicized their hard times and suffering.

Political art when England tried to imperialize the world. England imperialism started in the 1700s and continued on to the 1900s. Most countries say that England had helped them by coming in and taking over, this gave countries new transportation systems and they also brought in new culture. This caused most countries to revolt against England but they kept what Europe had once given them. England had no right in imperializing and this artist demonstrated this by making England an octopus that had its hands in many different countries. The red color of the tentacles resemble the color of the England army uniforms and the head with the curly hair and top hat symbolize a prime minister. People looked at England during this time period as a monster that was going to devour the world and this artist represented that in this piece beautifully. This was just one political pieces that showed imperialism, especially around the time where the scramble for Africa was happening.

This art work by Francisco de Goya is also one of the French Revolution, in the piece Goya shows French soldiers cutting a spaniard in half. He titled this piece What More Can Be Done, clearly intended for the viewers to show them what cruelty man was capable of. This piece shows how the hatred toward the spaniards from the french resulted in such abuse. People weren't aware of what was happening during the french revolution because they didn't care about the people who were getting persecuted. Goya used this painting to bring knowledge to those people and when he did this lots of them got involved and tried to help. Without Goya's artwork many more spaniards would have been persecuted without annoyed knowing or even caring about it. Goya made sure that people knew the cruelty and abuse that was happening during the French revolution, especially with this artwork. Notice that the French soldiers have no eyes almost like they're sole less, and they aren't human.

goya disasters.jpg
This political cartoon made by Dr. Seuss depicts Benito Mussolini trying to join world war two, it shows how Italy wasn't industrialized yet and how it affected them in the war effort. Mussolini is sitting on a contraption that was probably home made and it's tied to a stick in the ground saying that he's not going anywhere. When Germany needed his support he couldn't provide much because his country was not yet up to speed with the other countries. Dr. Seuss represents Italy's decision to not industrialize well, for Mussolini's weapon he has a pistol taped to the front of his home made contraption. Dr. Seuss may not have been as good as Goya in stirring up the emotions of his viewers but he sure did know how to get the message across.